i thought that coming to Guelph would be good for me. i thought that things here wouldnt remind me of you. i was wrong. this bed, these sheets, the sweater i wore to sleep every night, and this zebra print snuggie. youre everywhere. im trying to not let myself feel all of this because i know nothing good can come of it. 

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every day something hurts, because i experience it for the first time without you. you’d think it would get easier, but each time its like a crushing blow that takes the wind out of my lungs. 

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my god, it has not been easy

last night was awful. today has been awful. i miss you like crazy. here’s to hoping it gets better. 

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Will I ever be
everything you have needed?
All that you deserve?

-Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)

(via tylerknott)

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i feel like i’m loosing you